New Orleans probably is not the first place that you would think to take the kids on vacation, because one of the main things that many know New Orleans for is being one of the biggest party cities in the world. But there is so much more to New Orleans than Marti Gras and its festivities. New Orleans is a place of deep, historically-rooted tradition; a center for unique and delicious cuisine that can not be found anywhere else; a musical hub, particularly for jazz music, which draws large music festivals to its city limits. New Orleans is a versatile vacation spot that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages. As the Best Western in Westwego serving New Orleans, we can tell you that what we offer at our hotel and what New Orleans itself has to offer makes bringing the whole family well worth it.

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

We understand that picky eaters can make vacation mealtime very hard, but we are sure that the whole family will find something yummy to enjoy. One such delectable enjoyed by all ages is the beignets found throughout the city. Beignets are flaky airy pastries that are traditionally deep-fried and then doused in powdered sugar. One of the favorite spots to grab a tasty beignet is at the historic tourist attraction, Cafe du Monde. Cafe du Monde has been in business since 1862 and has been a must-see for tourists of all ages. Three beignets are priced a just over a dollar, also making this a perfect stopping place for those on a budget. Grab a coffee here, maybe even chicory coffee, a New Orleans specialty! Be prepared that you must pay with cash and that there can be a line, so be sure to bring games and entertainment to keep little ones preoccupied and happy. Cafe du Monde does overlook Jackson Square that has musicians, street performers, tarot card readers, and more entertainment, as well! Obsessed with beignets? Read more about them, and the top places to find great tasting beignets, here!

Attend the Audubon Zoo

Do your kids love animals? Then the Audubon Zoo is a perfect place to take the kids while you’re staying at our Westwego hotel and touring New Orleans. The Audubon Zoo has over 1,300 creatures to view daily with special attractions such as an alligator feeding experience and a safari simulator ride that will make adults and children alike feel like they have been transported miles away deep into the heart of Africa. Other animals that you can see are white Bengal Tigers, Komodo dragons, sea lions, and rare white alligators. Kids and kids at heart will love going to the zoo in a city that they have never been to before. Be sure to check out Audubon Zoo’s special events especially for kids: Zoo sleepovers, hands-on experiences with animals, and more!

Ride the Streetcars

Have you ever rode a streetcar? Most never have unless they are folks who have many years of life under their belt or have been to New Orleans. New Orleans’ streetcars are not only a fun and historic attraction to enjoy, but it is also a great way to travel throughout the city. Rides cost just over a dollar or you can buy a Jazzy pass for $3 or a 3-day pass for $9. Many kids love riding these beautiful wooden cars and will not want to get around the city any other way. Take a ride along the Mississippi River all the way to the French Quarter or take a ride to the French Market, Jackson Brewery, Canal Place, the World Trade Center, the Riverwalk, the Hilton Hotel, or the New Orleans Convention Center.

Tour Cemeteries & Ghost Haunts

Older kids will especially enjoy New Orleans above ground cemeteries and New Orleans haunted hotels and mansions that are located throughout the city. Well known personalities of New Orleans are buried in the above ground cemeteries, a unique means of city planning. Get your fill of ghost stories and tales from history when you take the family on the tour of one of the spookiest places in the city. Though New Orleans above ground cemeteries might be one of the spookiest places, it is not the only place that ghosts like to haunt in New Orleans. The Lalaurie Mansion is just one of the many places that is especially well known for its ghosts. There are many gruesome tales to be told about the Lalaurie Mansion that will keep kids who love ghost stories leaning in for more. Take a tour of the Lalaurie Mansion and check out the many ghost tours available in New Orleans. If your kids love a good ghost story then New Orleans may become their new favorite vacation spot. Want to learn more about haunted tours? Read more here!

Get Spooked at the Voodoo Museum

If your kids love ghost stories or learning about the history of New Orleans,  New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is another must see. Learn more about this tradition that came to New Orleans all the way from Africa and how it has shaped the city. Also, learn more about Marie Lavaux, the Voodoo Queen, who is regularly spotted in New Orleans haunting the above ground cemeteries. The museum features special exhibits, artifacts, a gift shop with voodoo dolls and potions, and more. This may be one of the coolest places that you visit on your entire trip and can only be found in New Orleans. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is a fun, unique place, that you and your kids will enjoy together learning about one of the things that makes New Orleans incredibly unique.

And Much More!

These are just a few of the many things that make New Orleans one of the best vacation spots to take the family. Other sights and sounds that the kids and the whole family will enjoy include Storyland, a playground made with life-size figurines sculpted by those professionals who make the floats for the Mardi Gras parade; a ferry ride on the Canal Street ferry or a steamboat ride on the Natchez with a Calliope concert; a swamp tour with Westwego Swamp Tours or maybe a trip to the Audubon Insectarium! Beignets are not the only food your kids will enjoy while in New Orleans! Po’boys make an excellent meal for those eaters with seemingly bottomless stomachs, and be sure to try traditional Cajun cuisine found throughout the city.

Stay at the Best Western in Westwego

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